TSOL Incentive is a solution to transform a traditional Incentive program into a results focused Incentive program.  TSOL Incentive is a data driven incentive solution that allows you to define, control and manage your incentive plan.

With this module you will be able to:

Align your incentive plan to your commercial strategies

Define your sales team goals based on analytics models

Deploy an effective monitoring system that ensures the fulfillment of your goals

Identify high performance salesman to replicate best practices

Learn how our channel development plan works

With TSOL Incentive, empower your distributors sales teams to help them achieve the results that your company needs.

We believe incentive plans need to evolve to achieve true effectiveness, thus, we have implemented three key components:

Smart Sales Budget

Through data analytics, we develop a more accurate sales budget by analyzing each client’s performance and potential


By obtaining daily or weekly data from your distributors, we are able to track each participant performance so your sales team can take timely actions towards achieving the commercial goals.

Analysis and Enhancement

Through data analytics we evaluate the programs’ results and each participant’s performance, generating insights that will help you achieve better results in the next cycle.

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