Modern Trade

TSOL Modern Trade is a solution designed to optimize the collection, transformation and analysis of POS information, inventories, category and loyalty programs of chains, drugstores and supermarkets.

TSOL Modern Trade will strengthen your modern channel product performance through superv data analytics enabling you to make strategic decisions that improve your sales and are in tune with market trends.

With TSOL Modern Trade you will be able to know:

Sell Out and inventory at a sku-store level

Distribution of your target products

Out of stock alerts

Promotion performance at POS

Portfolio performance

Empower your sales team with the best POS Data.

Analyzing the performance of your products at the point of sale will no longer be a problem. With TSOL Modern Trade you will be able to obtain information about sell out and inventory at the retail stores, analyze the data and make strategic decisions to improve the performance of your products in the channel.

What are our clients doing with TSOL Modern Trade?

  • Tracking Sales force performance.
  • Getting tactical information to improve point of sales management.
  • Designing and implementing incentive plans.
  • Measuring campaign impact, discounts and product performance.
  • Measuring new product launch effectiveness

  • Improving portfolio management.
  • Improving point of sale replenishment processes.
  • Analyze and control inventories.
  • Price monitoring.
  • Inventories’ analysis and management.

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