TSOL Geo allows you to visualize your KPIs and opportunities in a geographical environment, with macro metrics at the country level, to micro metrics at the customer location level, empowering you to make better informed decisions while managing your distribution channels.

With TSOL Geo you obtain customer geolocation information (such as stores, supermarkets, drugstores, etc.) and detailed analysis of their buying patterns to improve your route to market strategies.

With this module you will be able to know:

Your customers location

Areas and clients that offer the best opportunities for a brand

Areas with low distribution coverage

How to assign territories to your distributors

Clients served by more than one distributor


Learn about the impact of geographic visualization in data analysis

Geo referential data allows you to improve your sales results through heat maps that shows you customer concentration at different levels, country, state, city and neighborhood.

What are our clients doing with TSOL Geo?

Identify the states and counties with the highest sales, clients, drop size, etc.

Client-specific features consult such as the value of the last purchase, drop size, days since the last purchase and distributor/seller who last attended you.

Identify areas of a city where your clients haven’t made purchases in a defined time period.

Identify the areas with the highest coverage and opportunities in a city.

Develop tactical plans per zone, taking into account current coverage per brand, SKU, average purchase value etc.

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