Trade Marketing Tools

Through optimized programming and data analytics TSOL Trade Marketing Tools gives you execution and performance metrics of your retail outlets.

With our solution: 

  • Learn to optimize your Trade Marketing activities
  • Get more control over your retail execution team
  • Access real time and reliable point of sale data

With TSOL Trade Marketing Tools you will be able to know:

Price point for your and your competitors’ products.

Competitor’s activity tracking.

Stock levels in retail stores.

Products display and exhibition.

Best asset location through augmented reality technology.

Field visits programming and audit report.

Make the best of your retail execution data

Our product is the perfect solution to trade marketing teams’ challenges controlling field visits, sold out products, product assortment and display, competitor activities and other activities at the point of sale.

What are our clients doing with TSOL Marketing Tools?

  • Automating field data collection.
  • Auditing field visits execution.
  • Goal tracking.
  • Live decision making with real time data collection.

  • Standardization of field activities.
  • Decentralized data collection.
  • Field data integration with other relevant data sources.

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