Traditional Trade

TSOL Traditional Trade is a Distributor Management System (DMS) that gives you up-to-date, unified and reliable sales and inventory information about your distributors.

This solution will fill your information gaps on product and distributor performance making it easy to create new strategies and to increase your sales.

With TSOL Traditional Trade you will have a wealth of information about your distributors:

Sell Out at the sku-outlet level. Number of outlets reached

Price and products being sold

Geographic coverage


Distributor’s sales team performance

Get to know the distributor management model

An effective follow-up to distributor management leads to improved results in the traditional channel. TSOL Traditional Trade obtains, validates and consolidates information allowing you to create better strategies to increase your sales.

What are our clients doing with TSOL Traditional Trade?

  • Designing and implementing incentive strategies for their indirect sales force.
  • Supporting sales force goal achievement.
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of new product launch.
  • Implementing loyalty programs for retail outlets.

  • Monitoring sales territories.
  • Identifying new opportunities to achieve a better product distribution.

  • Monitor and improve sales cycles.
  • Improve portfolio management.
  • Price monitoring.
  • Inventories’ analysis and management.

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